Chudo Pasta is a natural CLEANING BEING.

It removes most of the known contaminants from any hard surface. The Chudo paste has a smooth texture, reminiscent of soft clay. Therefore, it is economical to use, it will be enough to you for a long time. After you spend some time with a damp sponge over the surface of the Miracle-paste, foam is formed. This foam removes most contaminants from any surface.

The Chudo-paste does not contain harmful surfactants, phosphates, chlorine and heavy abrasion. The paste composition only natural raw materials: white clay, surfactant based on coconut oil, glycerine, essential oil. And so it is absolutely safe. It does not cause allergies, does not dry the skin and biodegradable.


Wonder paste is indispensable for maintenance of hard surfaces of different materials: ceramics miki, enamel, porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, nickel silver, aluminum, glass, crystal, silver, gold, copper, bronze, marble, granite, laminate dyed and wooden surfaces.


Spend some time on the surface of the cleaning agent with a damp sponge while squeezing it until foaming. Foam sponge clean all of the desired surface. Air foam does not harm the surface being cleaned. Then rinse with water or means wipe the surface several times with a damp cloth. To achieve gloss polish surface with a dry lint-free cloth. After use, allow the agent to dry, then close the jar. Shelf Life Chudo paste is not limited.

In the kitchen: no longer have to worry about the chemical residues on the surface of the dish. Wash utensils, dishes, pans, frying pans natural remedy Chudo paste. It gives shine and clean sink, glass-ceramic and metal dishes, cupro-nickel and silver cutlery sets, products from ferrous metals, mixers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, cookers, hoods, kitchen surfaces made of wood and stone, and much more.

In the bathroom: Ideal cleanses from limescale, rust, dirt, soap residues with a toilet, sink, acrylic and enamel baths, showers, tiles, mixers, mirrors, glass surfaces and much more.

In the living room, in the garage and at cottage: Perfect polishes and cleans the window sills, window frames, plastic surfaces, radiators, laminate, parquet, silver and gold items, garden furniture, car wheels. Removes insects from windshields and headlights of cars, with traces of the marker, and laminate flooring, as well as left on the floor of the band shoe.


As part of the Chudo-paste only natural ingredients:

  • White clay — a natural component. This absorbent is rich in minerals, easily removes dirt, gently polishing the surface. Due to the properties of white clay, its use in cosmetics. It has beneficial effects on the skin of hands and nails
  • Oil of citronella — Natural antimicrobial component. It destroys odors, neutralize dirt and germs. Citronella oil refreshes and tones the skin, prevents dryness and aging, stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Soap powder — is made from natural raw materials. It forms a soft foam, which binds and removes dirt from the surface. Due to its detergent properties, it is widely used for the production of cosmetics
  • Glycerine — Found in natural ingredients. It is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. It has excellent moisturizing properties. It dissolves dirt and creates a protective film on the surface of
  • Baking soda — Natural effective detergent with an antimicrobial effect. It has the ability to neutralize odors.

Combining together all the ingredients, we have created a unique product that allows you to gently and safely clean and polish most hard surfaces known to us in the house, the garage and in the country.